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Submitted on
January 2, 2013
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Art-for-Artists Project Stopped by dA Terms

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 6:41 AM

Hello Deviants,

A few people may have already noticed that yesterday my commission widgets were removed by the dA Staff. This was due to the fact that this project actually violated some terms and conditions. This was unknown to me as well as a few others that I had checked with. I was sent a note to clarify what went on, and asked for permission to share it with you today to clarify any issues. 
Hi Zev, 
I'm noting you today regarding your use of the Commissions widget. 
While we understand and appreciate your desire to help your fellow artists with a charitable project of this type, unfortunately taking donations via the Commissions system is not a permissible usage of the widget. While your intentions were valid, unfortunately allowing such usage would open us up to many other areas of abuse by those with less noble intentions. 
As a result of this, the commission purchases have been refunded to the original buyers and the funds removed from your My Earnings account. 
For more information please review the Premium Content Terms of Service.
Hunter Luthi
Product Marketing Assistant 
deviantART, Inc.
So unfortunately, this project is over :shrug:. All donations that were given have been refunded. My apologies to everyone for the inconviencence with this, it was not my intention in any way to create an issue. 

Best wishes,


Please consider faving or commenting on this journal to help get the word out. If you are able to share it, that would be amazing!

This last year there have been some amazing fundraisers from deviants including ToxicAlice92 and winehaus who gave a lot of time and energy to their projects this year. These projects were amazing as Alice's helped those in need, and Jose helped 100 community members on deviantART. But this year I intend to help another group. During the first quarter of this year I am going to try a project.

I would like to announce the Art-for-Artists Project. This project will intend to help new or accomplished artists on deviantART through the generosity of others.

There was recently a new feature announced on deviantART that allows deviants to pay for commissions using points and then the person offering the commissions may take the points out in cash. As a photographer and filmmaker, commissions do not do a whole lot for me, but I don't see a reason why this feature can't help others. 

I am also currently working on a project,The Visual Narrative Project and in trying to raise and find funds, I realized how little money there is out there for artists.

The Idea

The Art-for-Artists Project is an opportunity for artists in the deviantART community to use points to help fund a fellow-artists' artistic endeavor. 

I am going to have my commission widget up and running, and will be accepting commissions that will be paid for through features, dedications, etc. at different levels of involvement. 
I will then take this money out at the end of the first quarter and offer it back to deviants who are trying to fund an artistic endeavor. This may be anything in any art form! 
The Goal

I would like to be able to give out $100 to 10 deviants. In total, $1000. 

This money would then be presented to deviants who wish to follow their dream and achieve artistic excellence through a project or event they wish to hold. Currently, deviantART has a grants system in place for grants from deviantART. This system is absolutely wonderful, but is run by the staff here. I would like this project to be community lead, and community run project. Receiving money from fellow community members only helps to strengthen an artists' belief in their craft all the more. 

How this works

There is now a commission widget on my page with the following offers:

:bulletblue: Deviant (Name Mention) - 100 :points: ($1 earned)
:bulletblue: Deviant Lover (Single piece feature) - 500 :points: ($5 earned)
:bulletblue: Deviant Enthusiast (Gallery Selection Feature) - 1000 :points: ($10 earned)
:bulletblack: Silver Donor (A journal will be dedicated to you) - 2000 :points: ($20 earned)
:bulletred: Bronze Donor (A photograph will be dedicated to you) - 3000 :points: ($30 earned)
:bulletorange: Gold Donor (A film will be dedicated to you) - 4000 :points: ($40 earned)
:bulletgreen: Premium Donor (Artwork shown with commission widget for entire project)- 4000+ :points: ($40+ earned) 

The not so fine print:
* Dedications are done via the description of a piece of art on deviantART posted by TimberClipse
** Features will be done on an "as needed" basis.
*** In the event that a deviant wishes to remain an anonymous donor, they may choose to have their dedication or feature go to another deviant. Simply send a note to be sure that I keep it anonymous.

Once these points are all collected, they will be taken out through the system in place on deviantART as US dollars. Deviants will then have two weeks in order to apply for these funds. A team of deviants (who will be selected from incredibly active deviants in the community) will then choose which deviants will receive the money. 


Q: deviantART takes 20%! Why should I do this!?
A: To be honest, I thought about this a lot before deciding this was the best system to do this project in... but I realized something. This community is here because of the amazing people that keep this place running. I see no reason why we should not support that. Support OUR community, and through the exchange of points to dollars, "donate" a percentage to deviantART.

Q: How do we know if these funds will be used as requested?
A: Deviants who request will need to show what they wish to use it for with adequate proof that they will be able to complete the project. 

Q: Are there limits or restrictions?
A: You must be 13 years old or older. You may live anywhere on Earth that PayPal is permitted to receive funds. The funds may be requested in any amount from $25-$100. No donation is necessary to receive funds, but is suggested. 

Q: How long will this run?
A: Ideally, I'd like to reach the goal by the end of the first quarter, but, the drop dead date will be start of June (halfway through the year)

Q: How can I stay up to date?
A: I will be periodically posting updates through my journal. Feel free to watch me!

Note about BETA: Although any issues would be unexpected, due to the fact that the commission widget is so new and still in BETA, in the event that you have trouble completing a donation, please contact TimberClipse via note and alert him. Same goes if a donation does not seem to go through, etc.

The Art-for-Artists Project is an opportunity for artists in the deviantART community to use points to help fund a fellow-artists' artistic endeavor.
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WDWParksGal-Stock Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That is really too bed. Guess it will be back to the think tank to find an alternate way to help. Over the years I have hired many different deviants for a variety of commissions, so am sure you will work things out.
PizzaPotatoNBacon Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Student General Artist
D'Aw. I'm sad it didn't pull through.
I'm sure you can think of something! I believe in you.
jcroxas Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
so i was about to post this on my journal and pimp it to my watchers because ive been busy all week long :noes: and i found this. :B

anyway, with a bright mind like yours, i know you'll never run out of ideas in helping others :heart: that's one of the things that i really like from you <3
TimberClipse Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Professional Filmographer
ScatteredAshe Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry, that sucks :pat:
mishihime Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a slap in the face..... :(
Astrikos Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013   General Artist

Can't we just donate to your donation pool then?
I'm sorry that happened D:

I don't even wanna remove it from my profile because I really like the project.
TimberClipse Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Professional Filmographer
The donation pool is always open as that goes to others as well, but it wouldn't allow me to convert it to USD.
Astrikos Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013   General Artist
Ah I see. Perhaps...Prints? Direct PayPal donations? <people may be more leery? )I hope this project can be completed in some other way because it is brilliant.
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Hmmm. So it does work like that.
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