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December 5, 2011
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2011 Donations for Devious Deviants

Mon Dec 5, 2011, 6:35 PM

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Donation, 2011

Hey y'all, it's that time of year again to get into the holiday spirit. It's a great time for gift-giving and showing that you care for one another. Unfortunately, there are quite a few people this holiday spirit who do not have enough to be able to send out many gifts. Because of that, this year we want to help as many deviants as possible. 

winehaus and TimberClipse are working together this year to raise AT LEAST 15,000 :points: for other deviants. We need YOUR help!

We want to give as many deviants gifts for them to further grow as devious artists! So will you help us? 

If you can donate even just a few points, we will be so greatful! Even if you cannot donate if you can promote this on your pages, groups, twitters, facebooks, ANYWHERE we would love that!


Why should you donate? Well, first of all, many people would be happy for your support and they'd be surprised to get a little something for this holiday season. Also, there's something in it for you! On Christmas Day, I shall post a feature for any donor, no matter the amount donated. So please, should it be a little or a lot, put a smile on a few deviants' faces this year.

Please do not send us Gifts, however, if you want to donate Prints, devWEAR, Premiums, contact either of us by note, and we will have you donate!


In addition this year, we are working on our own accord to help promote (RED). We would like to raise awreness about the movement and if you can, invite you to buy (RED) products this Holiday Season. More information about (RED) can be found HERE

Thank you so much for your support (Further details are below),

Zev and Jose

How To Donate

To donate, donate as many points as you can to EITHER winehaus or TimberClipse by clicking the donate button on their pages, or by giving through the "Give Button" on the top right of their pages. 
It doesn't matter who you donate to, both will count towards the 15,000 then throughout the Holiday Season, we will each be giving half of the donations away to random devious deviants!

winehaus Will also be featuring all donors :eyes:
Thank you so much for your support, and please consider spreading the word!

If you have any questions, please feel to contact either TimberClipse or winehaus

Skin by Nobody
Further Details Will Be Posted here:

EDIT 1 (6PM EST Dec. 6): To Avoid confusion, we would like to just say that we are showing support for (RED) and (RED) Products, but we do not want deviants to be confused that we are doing more then that. We simply believe that (RED) is an important organization to support during the holidays when people buy gifts, and make donations. In addition, =Topicality who is a close friend of both of ours, is doing her own promotion of the (RED) project. If you'd like to take a look details are HERE

EDIT 2 (6:30 PM EST, Dec. 6): We also wanted to say a huge thank you to EVERYONE that has donated, supported, tweeted, OR HELPED IN ANY WAY! We are so totally blown away by the support this project has gotten! We have gotten over 10,000 Points Already! Well towards our goal of 15,000 and it hasn't even been 24 hours :omg:! Thank you all!

EDIT 3: (8:20 PM EST, Dec 6): As we got a few questions, we will start giving points AS SOON AS WE HIT 15,000 Points (our goal). HOWEVER, we will keep giving as long as we keep collecting until 24 December 2011 11:59 PM PDT, at which point we will also put out the feature of all donors!
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PowerRuffGirl Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
That was really cool of you guys to do this. Wish I would have noticed this when you guys started so I could have promoted you. It seems you guys did a great job =D. If you guys do this next year I'll try and promote you; if I notice this in time that is.
areslv Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Student Artist
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areslv Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Student Artist
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